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An Introduction to My Brother’s Keeper

“In the brief time that My Brother’s Keeper has been in existence it has had a tremendous impact on hundreds of lives. Each success story helps build a stronger community and we need to make sure that Harry and Madonna continue to have the resources to sustain that track record.”
– Paul Jadin – Former Mayor of Green Bay and President, Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce

“In the past year I have had the chance to see Harry Sydney’s Program, My Brother’s Keeper in action. I have watched several young men who were struggling to lead a productive life change themselves into young men with integrity and pride. This has allowed them to take responsibility for their lives and meet real concrete goals. Harry walks the talk and has a connection to these young men that I have not seen in any other programs.”
– Cpl. John Mitchell – Superintendent, Brown County Juvenile Detention Center

“It is rare that I can involve at-risk students in an intervention that they look forward to. And it is even more rare that I find one that actually produces results. To find a program that does both, one that students enjoy and one that changes their behavior? Rare as hen’s teeth.”
– School principal

Please enjoy the following video testimonials


Bill Jartz – WBAY TV-2

Bob Harlan – Former Packers President

Jim Schmitt – Mayor of Green Bay

Mark Murphy – Packers President & CEO

Chris Havel – The Fan WDUZ

Ron Wolf – Former Packers General Manager