What results do we see

  • Increased self discipline and self respect
  • Responsibility for personal actions
  • Respect for others
  • Reduction/elimination of destructive behaviors
  • Improved grades and school attendance
  • Ability to set measurable and achievable goals
  • Stronger, healthier relationships

Our ability to progress as a society depends on the opportunities we can create for all children and young adults to succeed in our community. Research indicates that mentoring is a highly effective tool in reaching persons in need of self direction and in making appropriate life choices. In our mentoring program, an experienced mentor helps and guides another individual’s development. Key to mentoring is “connecting” with the individual by creating a positive, trusting relationship and a climate of open communication. My Brother’s Keeper mentors help the individuals identify the problems that are controlling their lives: share experiences and mistakes; offer constructive, supportive feedback; and jointly develop goals and solutions to resolve those problems. We change lives. In short, My Brother’s Keeper’s male mentoring program provides the individuals with the tools, skills, knowledge, and direction to take charge of his lives and become valuable members of the community.

2017 Harry Sydney Open

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Harry Sydney Open 2017

Mark your calendar, the date has been set for the 2017 Harry Sydney Open and the Fan Scramble! Join

07/31/2017 - 12:00 pm Fox Hills Resort

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