Adam Van Eperen

AdamMy name is Adam Van Eperen and I am a mentor with My Brother’s Keeper. I was born in Appleton, WI and raised in Grand Chute, WI. As an adolescent I was both defiant and a blossoming entrepreneur of several types. I always had a plan and while usually risky, my plans were always well thought out. I enjoyed drawing or singing or coming up with fun games and activities to do with my brothers and sisters. I was a pretty carefree kid – I never had much concern for rules, authority, or the consequences that were attached to my actions – needless to say I became very good at cleaning the house and washing dishes.

In grade school I had respectable grades as a “B’ student. I excelled in Art and Music and began to learn a lot about management and reading people which I used to my advantage in the various entrepreneurial plans I hatched. In High school my focus changed slightly; now in addition to fun and money, girls became important. I sang with a couple of bands and operated and expanded my businesses – I even had a few employees. Music has always been my greatest passion. As far back as I can remember, music was my vessel of expression, my way to be heard in this world. From High School into college, and college to the real world, I have always been a performing musician – no matter the size of the crowd.

I’ve been in management and sales, engineering, bartending and cooking. I’ve milked cows and painted cars, I taught GED class and repaired engines. I’ve worked with people with disabilities, and I have worked with men on work release from prison. There really is not a whole lot I haven’t done professionally at some point in my life. I have seen perfect plans blow away like dust, I have been on the top of the world, and I know firsthand what the bottom looks like. I have been successful, and I’ve learned the hard way what success is not. I have worn a lot of hats in this life and I feel this helps me to provide valuable advice to the boys and men, brothers and friends who seek mentoring.

When I speak, it is from personal experience – from my own trials and tribulations. I know what it takes to be the best, strongest and fastest. I know how to care and I know what matters. I understand the fine line between success and failure and how to maintain it. I live my life with integrity, respect, and standards – the same values I help our clients find in themselves! I started working with My Brother’s Keeper in 2015 and look forward to meeting and serving all men and boys that walk through our doors.